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Fireplace stove HEARTH

The ALMEVA Hearth offers you a unique solution in conjunction with the ALMEVA Quadra TW25 flue system. This connection allows us to feed combustion air through the chimney body directly into the stove firebox. Thanks to this unique system, the stove is suitable for passive and low-energy houses with recuperation installed, or for renovations where it is not necessary to intervene in the structure of the building and to build a complex pipeline for the supply of combustion air. Stove types Scintilla glass, Scintilla steel, Focco and Cubus are factory-prepared for concentric connection.

System Benefits:

  • Independent air supply through the chimney to the ALMEVA Hearth
  • Suitable solution for renovations, low-energy and passive buildings
  • Installation without major structural intervention
  • From the factory the stove is ready for concentric connection
  • Complete ALMEVA solution — appliance, chimney and installation with price guarantee

The chimneys are equipped with a number of practical and design features, where noteworthy are:

Airbox has been developed to allow a single lever to control the primary and secondary air for combustion. The entire system has been designed and tested over a long period of time to meet all operating conditions.

Automatic door closing — even if you forget to close the stove door, it automatically closes, preventing a possible fire from flying sparks.

The Scintilla glass model features a practical pull-out drawer for storing stove accessories. In the remaining models, the practical compartment at the bottom of the stove is independently openable.

If you decide on a different type of connection, the stove is factory-prepared for a top or rear chimney connection.

Three independent air supply connection options — concentric, bottom and rear connection.


  • modern and innovative design
  • quality materials
  • precise processing