Scintilla glass

Universal fireplace stove is suitable for any interior with the possibility of placing it in the middle of the room. Due to their characteristics, their use is ideal for low-energy houses. As fuel, lump wood and wood briquettes are suitable. Scintilla stoves are elegant and compact, with a circular floor plan and a distinctive glass front. Its design and practicality are highlighted by interesting features such as the pull-out drawer door with integrated black glass, the hidden integrated handle or the self-closing door system.

This stove heats approximately 200 m3 — valid for a normally insulated bungalow (the most common type of new house) and with a thermal comfort of 21 °C and an average output of 7 kW. The stove is equipped with a unique Airbox control system. Both primary and secondary air can be controlled with a single lever.


 — The stove can be used in low-energy houses
 — White reinforced concrete lining in the combustion chamber
 — Elegantly integrated door handle
 — Special smokeless paint on the stove surface
 — Connection to central air supply possible
 — Single lever control of primary and secondary air
 — All-lithium grate
 — Self-closing door system
 — Double-locking door closure for better sealing
 — Drawer door with integrated black glass
 — 5 years warranty


Weight 130 kg
Height 1209 mm
Width 484 mm
Depth 484 mm
Redundant power 5 – 7 kW
Nominal power 6.1 kW
Efficiency 81.4%
Required chimney draft 12 Pa
Flue flue diameter 150 mm
Air intake 100 mm
Max. length of logs 400 mm
Upper/​​Rear outlet Yes/​​Yes