Neutrobox — neutralization box ALMEVA

Neutralises acidic condensate from your boiler

The basic function of the box is to neutralise any acidic condensate that is produced during the operation of condensing boilers. The device thus prevents the acid condensate (with other unsuitable residues) from draining into the sewer. This protects the environment and, thanks to the content of special aggregates, helps the wastewater to have a neutral pH.

  • The design of the box ensures perfect neutralization
  • Almelit aggregate has a higher neutralization rate and longer duration of action compared to conventional limestone aggregates
  • Guaranteed and long-tested condensate neutralization
  • Developed in cooperation with the University of Mining — Technical University of Ostrava in the Energy Research Centre

Almelit Neutralising Aggregate

Almelit is a special neutralising aggregate based on natural limestone with excellent neutralising ability compared to standard neutralising aggregates. The higher efficiency is due to the form of CaO mass yield > 64% and the higher porosity of the material. Almelite is designed for neutralization of acidic components of flue gases resulting from combustion of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels.