Universal fireplace stove ideal for any interior with the option to place in the middle of the room. Its size makes it suitable for smaller rooms. Piece wood up to 300mm in length is suitable as fuel and can alternatively be fired with wood briquettes. As the name suggests, the Cubus stove is cube-shaped and has a well-crafted design. The stove also includes a bottom section, which is used to store logs or accessories for the stove. The entire surface of the stove is treated with a special smokeless paint. In addition to the regular stove, the TW25 concentric flue system can be connected to the stove.

The stove is equipped with a unique Airbox control system. Both primary and secondary air can be controlled with a single lever.

How large a space can it heat?

This stove will heat approximately 170 m3 — this is for a conventionally heated bungalow (the most common type of new house) and at a thermal comfort of 21 °C and an average output of 6 kW.


 — As the lowest output model in the Hearth range, it is ideal for low-energy or passive houses
 — Can be connected to a concentric chimney solution
 — White reinforced concrete lining in the combustion chamber
 — Special smokeless paint applied to the stove surface
 — Possibility of connection to central air supply
 — Single lever control of primary and secondary air
 — Self-closing door system
 — Two-lock closure for better sealing
 — Stand for storing firewood or accessories


Weight 121 kg
Height 1006 mm
Width 369 mm
Depth 428 mm
Redundant power 2.5 – 6 kW
Nominal power 5.4 kW
Efficiency 80.4%
Required stack draught 12 Pa
Flue flue diameter 150 mm
Air intake 100 mm
Max. length of logs 300 mm
Upper/​​Rear outlet Yes/​​Yes