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Chimney fans and boosters

to give your chimney a great draft…

Chimney fans

Make sure you get the right chimney draft

Exodraft is the market leader in mechanical chimney draft control technology. Over the past few years we have honed our knowledge and expertise, which in turn has enabled us to find solutions for a wide range of tasks in this specific industry.
Exodraft mechanical chimney draft control systems are based on advanced technology with a focus on simple and safe operation. These features will provide you with an efficient and reliable chimney draft solution.

What type and size of chimney fan to use?

It is important to choose both the right type of fan and the right accessories.

A chimney fan assembly includes the following parts:

  • Chimney fan
  • Regulator (designed for the exact fan type)
  • System switch
  • Flange for stainless steel chimneys (if required)
  • Regulator accessories (if required)


Our recommendations

Fans for gas boilers

Fans RSV160 to RSV450 or RS285 are commonly used for gas boilers. Depending on the fuel type, RS009 — RS016 or RSV009 — RSV016 can also be used. For cascade connection, the EBC24 or EBC22 automatic control with accessories (if required) must be used. This control is also recommended for single boiler systems.

Ventilators for gas fireplaces

The types RHG, RSHG, RSG, RSVG and RHGC can be used here. All of these fans are equipped with a draft measurement system which, together with the EFC21 and EBC22 controls, will ensure that the gas supply to the appliance is interrupted if the flue draft falls below the set point. Our EFC21 and EBC22 controls are CE certified.

Ventilators for solid fuel appliances

The types RS and RSV, sizes 009 – 016, are suitable for these appliances. Type RS has a horizontal exhaust, type RSV has a vertical exhaust. Both types have a rotor with axial blades to facilitate soot removal. The RS type is supplied on a square base as standard, we can also supply a base on request
octagonal base. Controls with varying degrees of automation are also available, from the manual EFC16 and EFC35 to fully automatic units such as the EFC18 and XZENSE. For a chimney terminating above the roof ridge, both RS and RSV types can be used. RSV vertical exhaust fans are recommended for installations where high airflow is expected, for chimneys terminating below the roof ridge or located on a roof made of combustible material.
Below is an indicative list of chimney fan applications for various sizes of fireplaces, stoves and inserts.