Liapor hlavní strana


Natural ceramic aggregate

Lightweight ceramic aggregate Liapor, also known as expanded clay, is a 100% natural and non-hazardous building material. It is created by firing cypress clay at temperatures around 1200°C in rotary kilns. It is used for a variety of building applications as well as various garden and decorative purposes.

We have been distributing Liapor to the Moravia region since 1995. We have sold tens of thousands of m3 of various fractions directly and through partner companies to many reference buildings.

Currently we are the official Distribution Centre of Liapor for the South Moravian Region.

Assortment of lightweight ceramic aggregates:

Lightweight ceramic aggregate Liapor is manufactured in various grain sizes (fractions) and shapes to best suit the application.

Liapor — geotechnical applications, building foundation, floor levelling…

Liapor ceramic aggregate in fractions of 1 — 4 mm, 4 — 8 mm and 8 — 16 mm is mainly used in construction applications. Its low bulk density makes it ideal for use in geotechnical construction. Its excellent insulating properties are used in the foundation of houses and other buildings or for levelling and insulating floors.

In addition to standard deliveries of packaged aggregates, we are specialists in the delivery of Liapor by blowing and in bulk

Liaflor, Liaflor Classic — drainage layer, hydroponics, decorative purposes…

Liaflor and Liaflor Classic is a reddish brown granular material designed for garden and decorative purposes. It is most often used as a drainage layer in pots and boxes, for hydroponic plant growing or as a top decorative layer in flower beds, which, among other things, prevents soil drying and weed growth. It is also used as a decorative element, for example in fountains and artificial plants. Less traditional, but increasingly popular, is the use of Liaflor for the treatment of graves.

Liadrain — part of nutrient substrates, green roofs…

Liadrain is a crushed ceramic Liapor aggregate that is added as an additive to nutrient substrates, which can improve the properties of organic substrates, especially its physical properties. Due to its lightness, structural stability and water storage capacity, Liadrain allows for quick and easy greening of flat and pitched roofs.

Liapor Mix — Lightweight Concrete

Liapor Mix is a dry mix concrete for floors, infill and many other applications. It consists of cement, Liapor aggregate (1 — 4 mm or 4 — 8 mm) and binder. 


  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • lightweight aggregate
  • different sizes and fractions