Saunová kamna Vilpra

Sauna stove Vilpra

Vilpra sauna stove for moments of relaxation

We have expanded our range and added more stoves to our offer. However, these are not stoves for buildings or houses, which are offered under the brand HEARTH in 14 design models. The new stoves are designed to equip saunas and hot tubs. The stoves were designed in collaboration with Scandinavian and Baltic experts.

The stove is ideal for equipping a sauna and is sized according to the size of the sauna. Some types of stove include an internal water tank, while the tank can be added to smaller saunas. The power output of the stove ranges from 8 to 22 kW and it can heat a sauna area of 6 to 24 m3. Other sauna products such as water tanks, chimney covers for refilling the stove, stove protectors, stove pads and chimney burn protection are available for the stove. Most of the accessories are made of stainless steel. The stove range also includes a set of chimney flues, which carry the flue gases away from the stove by natural draft. The chimneys are made of high quality 0.8 mm thick stainless steel and the three-layer chimney systems have a 50 mm insulation layer.

Something for the hot tub too

External heaters are designed for hot tubs. The external hot tub heater is made of stainless steel. Using this type of heater will free up space in the hot tub compared to a built-in heater and reduce the risk of skin burns. The water circulation is natural and does not require the connection of a water electric pump. The heater includes a stainless steel chimney kit. The heater together with the whirlpool are an ideal addition to the family home, cottage or cottage and provide relaxation for the whole family.