Scintilla steel

Universal fireplace stoves are suitable for placing in the centre of the room, if the interior and its layout allows it. Their use is ideal for low-energy houses burning wood chunks and wood briquettes. They are highly compact and elegant with a circular floor plan. They impress with a great design with a hidden integrated handle, as well as practical drawer doors and a self-closing door system. This stove heats approximately 200 m3 — valid for a standard insulated bungalow (the most common type of new house) and with a thermal comfort of 21 °C and an average output of 7 kW.

The stove is equipped with a unique Airbox control system. Both primary and secondary air can be controlled with a single lever.


 — The stove can be used in low-energy houses
 — White reinforced concrete lining in the combustion chamber
 — Elegantly integrated door handle
 — Special smokeless paint on the stove surface
 — Connection to central air supply possible
 — Single lever control of primary and secondary air
 — All-lithium grate
 — Self-closing door system
 — Double-locking door closure for better sealing
 — 5 year warranty


Weight 130 kg
Height 1209 mm
Width 484 mm
Depth 484 mm
Redundant power 5 – 7 kW
Nominal power 6.1 kW
Efficiency 81.4%
Required chimney draft 12 Pa
Flue flue diameter 150 mm
Air intake 100 mm
Max. length of logs 400 mm
Upper/​​Rear outlet Yes/​​Yes