Particulate filter

Exodraft ESP-10

Electrostatic precipitator for wood stoves

Exodraft ESP-10 is an electrostatic precipitator with built-in chimney fan for installation in the chimney mouth. The filter features a self-cleaning function (patent pending) and is designed to reduce emissions from wood-burning appliances and make it easier to light and add fuel. The filter is designed for enclosed wood-burning fireplaces (stoves) with a rated heat output of up to 10 kW.

The Exodraft filter is an electrostatic precipitator. The filter reduces the number of fine and very fine particles in the flue gas stream by creating an electrostatic field between the charging and collecting electrodes. The electrostatic field in the ESP-10 is created by a charging electrode connected to a high voltage generator that ionizes the gas in its surroundings and, as a result, charges the particles, creating an electrostatic field strong enough to push the charged particles toward the collection electrode. With the electrostatic field on, the precipitated particles remain attached to the collection electrode. When the temperature and oxygen inside the filter are at a certain level, most of the attached particles will ignite and burn up during complete combustion in normal operation.