Calculation of the flue gas path



Our company is a partner of the German company KESA, which develops and distributes the kesa-aladin program.

The computer program kesa-aladin is a software for professional chimney calculation according to EN 13384. With kesa-aladin you can calculate, for example, a three-layered domestic chimney for an oil boiler as easily as a complex boiler house with five condensing boilers in a cascade.

The kesa-aladin program is constantly evolving as standards and regulations change. In addition, new appliances, flue gas extraction systems or other components for smoke extraction systems are continually coming onto the market and their characteristic data are constantly being added to the program.

As part of the maintenance of the software, you can always download the information and the new version including the current characteristic data (appliances, smoke extraction systems, draught excluders, flue gas silencers, fume extraction systems, etc.) from the website or update the characteristic data and information in the program using the built-in LiveUpdate function.

Prices available on request by emailing

The program is graphically very clear, working with it is simple, fast and pleasant. You can choose from several world languages in which to run the software.

The program allows you to optimize the chimney flue or calculate pressure and temperature ratios in all available diameters.

Currently, our company is communicating with manufacturers of boilers, stoves or other appliances, and with manufacturers of chimney systems to ensure that the software contains up-to-date data on products in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Once you purchase the full Czech version, you will receive license data from us, which will “unlock” the full version of the software, including the announced Czech language.

To generate the license key we need to know: name, surname, company, address, VAT number, phone and email where to send the key. Please send software orders to the following email: