Tension booster DRAFTBOOSTER

Why choose Draftbooster?

Draftboosting problems are usually caused by insufficient draft in the chimney. The Draftbooster provides the necessary draft and makes it easier to fire up your stove. The draft in the chimney is created by the temperature difference between the higher flue gas temperature and the lower ambient temperature. Since the chimney is always cold when the stove is heated, the draft in the chimney is not always sufficient and room smoking can occur. It is important that the wood is always dry and that small pieces of wood and chips are added to start with. This will catch the fire quicker and warm the air needed to create sufficient draft in the chimney more quickly.

Draftbooster Facts

When to use Draftbooster

If you are having trouble getting your wood stove to start, smoke is leaking into the room, or the glass on your stove is dirty from soot, then there is insufficient draft in your chimney and the Draftbooster is an effective solution.

Where can you place a Draftbooster?

The Draftbooster can be placed on any chimney with insufficient draft — on stainless steel and brick chimneys with a maximum diameter of Ø220 mm.

What types of appliances can it be used on?

The Draftbooster can be used on sealed wood burning stoves or fireplace inserts with a rated output from 3 to 8 kW.

How is it installed?

The Draftbooster can be plugged into a standard power outlet and started using the included remote control.

Benefits of using the Draftbooster

Easy firewood and wood feeding

With the Draftbooster, lighting a wood stove is easy and adding wood is no problem.

Smokeless operation

The Draftbooster exhausts smoke up the chimney to the outside, minimizing soot and smoke from entering the room.

Better combustion

Draftbooster ensures better and cleaner combustion.

Faster heating

Draftbooster speeds up the ignition and thus heats the room faster.

Plug and Play

You can easily install the Draftbooster yourself. It is the first fan of its kind in the world.