RSHT ventilatory

RSHT fans


For boilers and furnaces on all types of fuel, in continuous use at temperatures up to 500°C, at maximum load (up to 3 minutes) at temperatures up to 700°C. Due to the high exhaust gas temperatures, it is particularly recommended for use in industrial bakeries, processing industries or baking ovens.


The chimney fan is made of stainless steel with an aluminium casing, fitted with a stainless steel axial impeller and the screws are made of stainless steel. The axial blade design provides a self-cleaning effect. Patented cooling wheel allows continuous operation of the stack fan at temperatures up to 500°C (maximum load (up to 3 minutes) at temperatures up to 700°C).

The motor is a high-temperature asynchronous motor in a sealed design with ball bearings that can be continuously adjusted via the TRIAC controller. The cable is resistant to high temperatures and is protected by a reinforced sheath. The fan can be easily opened, making it easy to clean and also to clean the chimney. The fan is fitted with a steel mesh to prevent birds from entering the chimney.

Flue exhaust