prostupy hořlavou konstrukcí

Chimney penetrations through combustible construction

Chimney grommets and shafts under the KAMINSICHER label represent a system solution for chimney routing through fire-safety sections and penetrations through combustible structures. They serve as a safe insulation against combustible structures, reduce heat loss and limit unwanted heat gains through wall, ceiling or roof penetrations. The KAMINSICHER elements form a complete system that allows individual solutions for a specific building and any chimney.

Main advantages of the KAMINSICHER system

It is not an additional insulation

The KAMINSICHER elements address the comprehensive safe and functional integration of the chimney into buildings, especially timber buildings and energy-efficient buildings. It is therefore not just an additional insulation for the connection of a vapour barrier membrane. It is a fire-safety, insulating element that also addresses other requirements for today’s modern buildings.

Change in chimney properties/​​classification

A chimney only passes through a shaft or grommet, so its classification does not need to change, but this would be necessary if an additional layer of chimney (additional insulation) was added. The chimney still has a declared safe distance from combustible structures of Gxx. The use of KAMINSICHER elements will result in this prescribed safe distance being defined.

Reducing temperatures in insulated structures

Fire tests have repeatedly confirmed the non-negligible influence of a unilaterally closed air gap between the chimney casing and the chimney grommet. This air gap, while maintaining the pressure tightness, results in a significant reduction of temperatures in insulated structures.

Fixed to the building, not to the chimney

All KAMINSICHER components are always fixed to the supporting building structure, not to the chimney. Unlike additional insulation that is glued to the chimney, there is no problematic load-bearing joint that can be damaged over time when using KAMINSICHER components.

Proven product

The KAMINSICHER system has been used on the Czech market since 2015. In cooperation with leading suppliers of wooden buildings and energy-efficient houses, it has already been tested in hundreds of implementations. In 2017 and 2020, the product was tested and measured in the fire laboratory of the CTU UCEEB.