SIB zihany

Three-component chimney system



  • for all types of buildings (family houses, apartment buildings, holiday homes, administrative and industrial buildings, etc.)
  • for all types of fuel: solid, liquid and gas (only for atmospheric boilers without fan). For condensing boilers, we always recommend using plastic or stainless steel venting
  • especially suitable for solid fuel appliances with low flue gas temperatures with the risk of tarring — gasifying boilers, hot water fireplace inserts, etc.
  • Maximum flue gas temperature in dry operation is 600 °C (with soot burn-out resistance) and in wet operation 400 °C


Classification EN 13063 – 1, 2 and 3
Operating temperature up to 600 °C
Type of operation all types of appliances except condensing appliances
Fuel solid, liquid and gas (only for atmospheric boilers without fan)
Material SIB, MIB: fireclay/​insulation/​ceramic concrete block / SIZ: fireclay/​insulation/​brick block
Average 140 — 200 mm


Characteristics and advantages


Complete SIB / SIZ / MIB assembly

1. Tapered outlet piece for composite plate
2. Cover plate
3. Ventilation shaft grille — stainless steel vertical
4. Chimney block
5. Slat insulation 1bm
6. 90° chimney branch
7. Chimney liner
8. Door with condensate cap — white
9. Rear ventilation grille — white