Chimney bridges

Fireplace slats for your roof

To move around on the roof, it is important that there is a way to operate the technical or other equipment that is installed on the roof. Chimney steps and chimney bridges are the ideal solution for safe movement on the roof. Chimney ladders are used not only by chimney sweeps who need a hardened platform at the chimney for their work, but also by roofers or craftsmen moving around on the roof. In addition to the freedom of movement, the main emphasis should be on safety when working on roof renovation, installation work, maintenance, cleaning and inspection of the chimney, installation of antenna or photovoltaic panels. Practical footings and footbridges make this activity easier.

  • Easy installation

    Depending on the roof construction, the installation of roof trays and footings is chosen. This is also the case for different types of roofing materials such as metal, ceramic or baked or concrete tiles. The ideal solution is to purchase and install the chimney batten before the roofing is installed, however, the advantage of the product is that it can be installed on the roof afterwards. The installation of the roof trays is quick and easy and is carried out using brackets and fixings. There are many solutions available for mounting on any roof while maintaining high walking safety.
  • Colour version

    In order to match the colour of the chimney lintel and the roofing, several colour options are available. The basic offer includes a galvanised variant. All products are first made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and then powder coated. The colour shades are based on the RAL colour chart and the basic designs include brick (RAL 8004), cherry (RAL 3004), brown (RAL 8012), anthracite (RAL 7060) and black (RAL 9005). Other shades are available on request. Chimney trays are a certified product in accordance with national standards.