KLB zihane

Two-component chimney system with plastic liner



  • can be combined with SIB and SIZ systems in a two-pass formwork
  • the chimney flue can be assembled during the rough construction, the actual plastic liner is usually installed during the boiler installation
  • the space between the block and the flue pipe itself can be used for independent air supply to the appliance
  • advantageous price
  • simple and quick assembly
  • very good resistance to acid condensate and long liner life


Classification according to EN 14471:2013+A1:2015
Operating temperature up to 120 °C
Type of operation condensing boiler / gas boiler
Fuel liquid and gaseous fuel
Material PPH
Average 60 — 250 mm


Characteristics and advantages


Complete KLB and KLZ assembly

1. Conical part of the outlet
2. Cover plate
3. Decorative chimney block
4. Pipe with neck
5. Universal spacer sleeve
6. Chimney block
7. Connecting T‑piece
8. LIL tubular piece with hem
9. Revision T‑piece
10. Chimney door
11. Drain with neck
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