single zihane

Single component chimney system



  • for all types of buildings (family houses, apartment buildings, holiday homes, administrative and industrial buildings, etc.)
  • for solid fuels (especially for fireplaces and stoves without a heat exchanger)
  • unsuitable for solid fuel appliances with low flue gas temperatures with risk of tarring
  • gasifying boilers, hot water fireplace inserts, etc.
  • Maximum flue gas temperature in dry operation 400 °C (without soot burn-out resistance)


Classification according to EN 1858:2008+A1:2011
Operating temperature up to 400 °C
Type of operation solid fuel boiler
Fuel solid fuels
Material gas-tight ceramic concrete block
Average 180 mm


Characteristics and advantages


SINGLE complete set

1. Meidinger’s head
2. Cover sleeve for concrete slab — stainless steel
3. Cover plate — concrete
4. Gas-tight chimney block — basic
5. Quick-setting heat-resistant gas-tight sealant
6. Gas-tight chimney block with foam
7. Stainless steel gun — stainless steel
8. Thermally insulated cleaning door — white
9. Gas-tight chimney block — cleaning