star zihane

Rigid plastic smoke evacuation system

Almeva STARR


  • for oil and gas
  • moisture resistant
  • for insertion of straight chimney flues


Classification EN 14471:2013+A1:2015
Operating temperature up to 120°C
Type of operation condensing boiler
Fuel liquid and gaseous fuels
Material PPH
Average 60 — 315 mm


Characteristics and advantages


Complete set
Almeva STARR

1. STARR plastic chimney head (complete)
2. Pipe with neck
3. Revision T‑piece
4. Revision door
5. Universal spacer sleeve
6. STARR 87° heel knee with anchorage
7. Revision T‑piece with drain
8. Revision T‑piece with change of direction
9. Boiler reduction centric
Starr prvky