01. 02. 2024|

ALMEVA FLEXBOX or a chimney from two boxes

We have prepared for you another novelty in our range of flexible smoke extraction systems, the “box solution” for chimney lining ALMEVA FLEXBOX.
This package of chimney components is very compact and really comfortable to work with.
You will find that you only need two boxes to insert your chimney.

FLEX chimney pack — first box

Almeva offers not only quality products but also service. We think about you and try our best to provide you with a convenient solution and save your time. For this reason, we have also prepared new chimney packages. These packets are packed in boxes. They contain components for both the foundation and the system termination of the chimney and spacers.
The FLEX chimney pack is available in four variants for a diameter of 80 mm. Depending on the variant, the package consists of a heel or insert elbow, in standard or reduced version, a universal spacer (for 6 m flexible hose) and a chimney header. The package also includes an adapter, a locking clip and a locking sleeve. There you have the first box, to which you only need to buy the flexible hose.


You can now conveniently unwind the flexible hose from our new ALMEVA FLEXBOX.This means you have 50 m of 80 mm diameter flexible hose in less than a cubic metre. The ALMEVA FLEXBOX is ideal for installers as it fits seamlessly into any van. The box has dimensions of 1020 × 820 × 1034 mm. The flexible hose is thus neatly stored in one place and does not spread out in the storage space like an octopus. The pictorial assembly instructions and the auxiliary tape measure directly on the box will certainly make your work easier. We haven’t forgotten the indicator for the unused length of the flexible hose. A red marker will then alert you to consider your next order. So there you go. Now you only need two boxes from Almeva for a complete chimney liner.


flexbox foto