Shaft system

The ALMEVA shaft system is a modern solution for flue gas extraction combining ecological materials with the latest trends in the flue gas industry. The system is designed to meet stringent building engineering requirements.


  • fire resistance 90 minutes (E190)
  • easy installation
  • environmentally friendly
  • health protection
  • possibility to replace the flue liner
  • possibility of installing the system in vertical, horizontal and, with the use of elbows, inclined position

Main characteristics of the shaft system

  • certified system according to EN 1856 – 1
  • fire resistance 90 minutes (EI90)
  • chimney liner exchange capability
  • the system is for indoor use only and must be protected against the weather
  • lightweight and compact system for fast construction
  • maximum height of the structure without lifting section 30 metres
  • internal shaft dimensions from 120 mm to 360 mm allow use for a wide range of appliances

Basic system breakdown


Double layer chimney system with steel liner for appliances with flue gas temperature up to 200°C


Double layer chimney system with plastic liner for appliances with flue gas temperatures up to 120° C