cas zihane

Spalin system for appliances connected in CAS cascade (PPH; PPH — white comaxit steel)



  • natural gas, liquid fuels
  • moisture resistant
  • designed especially for cascades in indoor environments
  • mainly for pressurised and high-pressure flue gas ducts


Characteristics and advantages


Complete set
Almeva CAS

1. Pipe with neck
2. LIL tubular part with 87° branch
3. LIL end part of cascade with condensate drain
4. Knee 87° with KO
5. Pipe with neck
6. Zeus siphon (for overpressure)
7. Heel knee 87° with anchorage
8. Revision T‑piece with drain
9. Tubular part with 87° branch and ZK
10. End piece of cascade with ZK
11. Back flap
12. Zeus siphon (for overpressure)
13. Pipe with neck
CAS prvky